Mechanical Engineering


We focus on maximising thermal comfort and air quality in our design of mechanical building services.  We work with the design team to ensure ductwork, pipework and equipment are effectively coordinated with structure and finishes.

Our experience and expertise in sustainable building solutions has shaped our design process. We get a full understanding of the service needs of the building right from the start and identify all suitable opportunities and targets for sustainability initiatives.

We identify opportunities to reduce emissions or improve the environmental performance of the building and explore these further through computer thermal modelling, thermal comfort analysis and building performance evaluation.


  • HVAC Services Design & Observation

  • Boiler/ Chiller Sizing

  • Concept/ feasibility studies

  • Energy Use Analysis

  • Thermal Comfort Evaluation

  • Building Condition Assessments

  • Carbon Emissions Analysis

Team leaders

Tony Sanderson

Tim Keightley
Mechanical Engineer