Tell us about your foundational years - where you grew up, what you liked to do, and some of your most memorable experiences:

I grew up in Wellington, and as a child, I was fascinated by radio technology and electronics. I particularly enjoyed getting radios to work after dismantling and reassembling them.

Why did you decide to study Vertical Transportation?

After a career evening at college, I opted to take up an electrical apprenticeship. Vertical Transport seemed to offer tangible real world applications for my controls and electronics interests. I applied to join OTIS Elevators as they offered a strong training program and their apprentices featured in the top tier of National apprentice electrician awards.

What was your favourite project you worked on?

My standout favourite project remains Raffles City in Singapore, which involved over 90 lifts and escalators in one project. Raffles was the world's largest project at that time (1984)

Tell us what’s important to you

My family was and remains important to me. Once I started a family, I was reluctant to travel or relocate. With children now grown up, I enjoy sharing their life ventures, and I am happiest when fishing, diving, or playing golf on the Kāpiti coast. 

What inspires you?

I like to see vertical transport equipment operating at its best in terms of performance tuning, ride quality, and reliability. I am honest and straight with my expectations for vertical transport installations. I am gratified when suppliers respond positively to realise and share the same ends together with my expectations and prescriptions.

What do you hope to achieve next in your career?

To attend an international conference for Vertical Transport.