At COP 28 (UN Climate Change Conference), our planet’s climate goals were redefined.

Globally, we need to cut our greenhouse gas emissions, compared to our 2019 baseline:

- By 43% by 2030 and
- By 60% by 2035

This will set a pathway to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

At S&T, we constantly monitor our operations with the aim of consistently reducing our emissions. Following COP28, we have had a look at how we align with the climate goals that have been identified.
This included our electricity, flights, transport and waste. Here’s our breakdown:

For 2024, we will look to include our staff commuting habits. Our aim is to reach a 60% reduction as quickly as possible. Here’s a couple of examples of what that could look like from our 2023 records:

- Reducing our flights by 36,000 km
- Reducing our waste by 410kg
- Reducing our kWh consumption by 19,000 kWh